About Sneak a Toke smoking pipes

Sneak a Toke smoking pipes are a low profile herbal smoking system. It started with a gentleman trying to invent a tool. Turns out the tool was terrible at fixing the problem. However, it was amazing at fixing things like spilled herbs, and making your smoke last longer. This was around 43 years ago! We keep improving the Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipes. Our latest pipe design is the Screenless Sneak a Toke pipes.

We invented and sold it first. Our Sneak A Toke smoking pipes are superior to all the competition. Theirs are not the same top quality as ours and our metal threads are on the outside. The herb never comes in contact with them. Because we are so sure our pipes are superior, we offer a challenge to you to compare our original Sneak A Toke pipe with the others. If you don’t totally agree that our Sneak A Toke hand pipes are far superior to the knock-offs, in design and construction, we will refund the purchase price. A word to the wise, we know you won’t be able to because our smoking pipe products are far superior and built to last a lifetime with a replaceable mouth piece for the pipe. Go to any product page and you can see reviews on the right hand bottom side.

We want our customers happy. We will do everything to make sure that your order goes smoothly and you love your pipe! If you don’t, we have a money back guarantee. We go that extra mile for our customers!

You can also find other pipes and accessories in our store. You can shop for here: Shop herbal smoking pipes

Sneak a Toke smoking pipes

Sneak a Toke Smoking Pipes

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