Best Gift Ideas

Of course, we feel that all of our smoking pipes and accessories are the best gift ideas! But here are some fun ideas from Take a Smoke. Below are some ideas for that special someone. All can be found here: Original Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipes.

1. Best Gift for your Lazy, Good-for-Nothing Brother-in-Law who spends all day on your basement sofa getting baked, watching Netflix and eating Cheetos. At least if he falls asleep while smoking it, he won’t set the sofa on fire!

2. Perfect stocking stuffer for your (over 21) child who leaves their roaches all over their room. Completely self-contained—no mess!

3. Great gift for your clumsy cousin who dropped your $80 glass pipe on the concrete floor last time you passed it to him. The best gift ideas because they’re virtually indestructible!

4. Top gift idea for your friend who camps, backpacks, canoes or does any activity where ‘packing light’ is important. Our pipes are small and┬ácompact yet hold a lot. The High Efficiency Smoking Pipe even has cartridges so you can pack up more.

5. Best gift for any smoker who appreciates a top quality, convenient, portable time-tested smoking system. Proudly made in the USA for 44 years.

We have a large variety because the brain behind our brand just keeps thinking up great new ideas. Like our latest pipe, the High Efficiency Smoking Pipe that uses refillable/interchangeable cartridge’s, is much easier to clean, and is more efficient. This pipe burns your smoke evenly and more fully and is much smoother going down! Hats off to our founder, Ted.

Best Gift Ideas - High Efficiency Smoking Pipe
The High Efficiency Smoking Pipe with removable Cartridges

Keep in mind that all of our Sneak A Toke smoking pipes are self extinguishing. Pipes are small and compact. As well as being the stealthiest on the go smoking tool. They are also perfect to drop into your pocket, purse, backpack, or whatever. The pipes can also be concealed in the palm of your hand. These pipes are the best gift ideas for any stealth smoker!

Read about our pipe on Leafly. See a video of our High Efficiency smoking pipe.

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