Original Sneak A Toke smoking pipe

How to Clean a Metal Smoking Pipe

How to clean a metal smoking pipe:

Brass Sneak A Toke rubber mouthpiece

In order to keep your new metal smoking pipe working well, you will need to clean it every once in a while. This is our preferred method on how to clean a metal smoking pipe with a rubber mouthpiece. Such as our Brass stealth smoking pipe rubber mouthpiece pictured here.

  1. Remove rubber mouthpiece.
  2. Scrape out as much tar and residue as you can from the bowl. A paper clip works well.
  3. Poke out screen from back end. Again, use a paper clip or something similar for this. (This step can be skipped on the screenless pipe)
  4. Soak cap and bowl and screen (unless replacing) in isopropyl alcohol (or your favorite cleaner from the head shop) for at least an hour.
  5. Remove pipe from cleanser and rinse under hot water. You may need to scrape around walls with a toothpick or paper clip while rinsing.
  6. If any residue remains, repeat.
  7. Replace screen and rubber mouthpiece as needed. You can order them here: Brass Screens and Mouth Pieces.

Wood mouthpiece models should not be soaked. Other than that, cleaning method is similar. Remove as much of the gunk from the bowl as possible. Remove the screen and swab the inside of the bowl with an alcohol (or other cleanser) soaked Q tip.  You can also poke the cleanser moistened Q tip through the hole on the wood mouthpiece to increase draw.

A pipe cleaner can also be helpful as it’s rigid, yet flexible. We use both, a paper clip and a pipe cleaner.

If you’re learning how to clean a metal smoking pipe, you can start this method on any of our Sneak A Toke smoking pipes.

If you have any great methods on how to clean a metal smoking pipe, please let us know so we can share them, Contact Us.