Please feel free to Contact Take a Smoke with any questions or feedback regarding our wood or metal smoking pipes. The Sneak A Toke metal pipe is made in the USA and an original design from Take A Smoke. It is crafted with American ingenuity. We think this makes for a far superior pipe compared to knock-offs made elsewhere. This is our original Sneak A Toke metal smoking pipe invented by us in the 1970’s and still popular:

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Original Sneak A Toke pipe invented in the 1970’s

It also comes in a screenless pipe and cooler pipe with wood or rubber mouthpiece. You have the option of a wooden or rubber mouth piece on the Original Sneak A Toke Pipe and the Cooler Sneak A Toke Pipe.

You can email or call us. If you got here by mistake and want to shop, go here: Shop for smoking pipes and accessories

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520-241-2483 or 866-927-1091 during normal working hours Colorado time zone. Take A Smoke is located in Greeley, Colorado

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