FAQ’s – Answers to frequently asked questions.

What to do if an item in the shipment is damaged?
First of all, curse loudly. Then contact us with the details and we will make every effort to promptly rectify the situation. Chances are that we will not request return of the damaged item since the current cost of shipping is such a substantial portion of the total price. We believe in the basic goodness of all people and, understanding that US Postal Service handling can sometimes be less than gentle, most likely we’d go ahead and replace the damaged item. From time to time we may request that you email us a photo of the damaged item for our amusement.

When will my product ship?
Orders generally ship within 48 hours depending on Holidays and weekends. If the item you want is on back-order, you will receive an email telling you when we expect that product in. Products usually ship much faster than that. If received in the morning, it will usually ship out that afternoon.

Where does the order ship from?
Orders ship from the Greeley, Colorado area.

Do you sell replacement screens and mouth pieces?
Yes, we sell replacement mouth pieces and screens. Go here for Pipe Screens and here for Rubber Mouth Pieces.

What will my package look like?
Our packaging is very discrete. We use a plain brown bubble mailer.

For any FAQ questions not covered here, please Contact Us and we will do our best to answer your questions.