History of Sneak A Toke

History of Sneak A Toke Pipes

Prototype of the Sneak A toke pipe
How it all started with our first Sneak A Toke pipe

History of Sneak A Toke Pipes. The Take A Smoke Tobacco Conservation Pipe began in 1976 as the “Sneak A Toke”. It provided a means to take a puff of your favorite tobacco without excess smoke escaping, and immediately extinguish what remained. Thus conserving expensive tobacco. Its self-extinguishing feature solved the problem of smoking in bed! It proved to be very popular.

The history of Sneak A toke pipes started in a garage while trying to invent something for a car. It didn’t work on the car but really worked well as a pipe where you could conserve your smoke and be discrete about it.

Unfortunately, without a patent, cheap copies began to appear. To this day retail stores are able to buy inferior, poorly machined replicas at very cheap prices and turn around and sell them for huge gains.

This is one of the original prototypes for the Sneak A Toke pipe. You can see we’ve come a long way.

Click High Efficiency Smoking pipes to go to the newest design in our pipes. This pipe is revolutionary as it comes with a cartridge. It’s the best pipe we’ve invented yet!

We continue to strive to provide a top quality smoking pipe, that is entirely made in the USA, at a reasonable price. And we continue to improve the product with innovative new design features. Stay tuned as we continue the history of Sneak A toke.

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