How to use the Sneak A Toke Pipe

Time needed: 1 minute.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use the Sneak A Toke pipes, then this article will help you! Scroll down to see image.

  1. Get the pipe ready

    To use the pipes, first unscrew the ‘bullet nose’ cap from the bowl (the part that doesn’t have the rubber or wood mouthpiece attached). If it’s one of our pipes that requires a screen, make sure one is inserted. Please note, if you choose our Screenless Stealth Pipe no screen is necessary. It has 4 small holes drilled into the bottom of the bowl that work as a built-in permanent screen. See image at the bottom.

  2. Fill the pipe

    Fill the bowl loosely to the top with ground up smoking material. Screw the cap back on to the bowl.

  3. Light up

    Put a lit lighter or match to the little hole at the tip of the bullet nose while putting the part that has the rubber or wood mouthpiece attached to your lips and inhale gently!! The pipe can give a monster hit of the smoking material if properly cured.

  4. Pipe self extinguishes

    The contents of the pipe will self extinguish after each hit. One of our best features to conserve your smoke and be discreet!

How to use the Sneak A Toke smoking pipe
How to use the Sneak A Toke Brass pipe

This How to use the Sneak A Toke pipe applies to the following pipes that we sell:

Brass Stealth Smoking Pipe rubber mouthpiece

Brass Sneak A Toke Pipe with wood mouthpiece

The Screenless Stealth Pipe listed above

Original Sneak A Toke as well as the Original bundle, and the Wood mouthpiece

Cooler Sneak A Toke and the Cooler wood mouthpiece

Polished Sneak A Toke pipe

This How to use the Sneak A Toke also applies to the High Efficiency smoking pipe. But instead of filling the bowl, you will fill the cartridge.

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