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High Efficiency Smoking Pipe instructions for useThe “High Efficiency Smoking Pipe” is based on the original Sneak A Toke Pipes but so much better. It’s new and innovative design thus helps the pipe burn herbs much more fully and evenly. It also Comes with 2 removable cartridges. Fill the cartridge with your favorite smoke and insert it into the pipe. For example, you can use the other cartridge as a back up. In addition, you can  use the silicone end caps to block smells and store some herb.   Be the first to have one of these innovative pipes! It sells for only $20.00. Buy Now!

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We are the original creators of the Sneak a Toke pipe stealth smoking system. We are also proud  to say that it is made in America. It all started in the 1970’s with an epiphany in a garage. We were trying to indulge in our favorite smoke discreetly. Thus this idea led to the creation of the Original Sneak A Toke pipe. Since then we have designed a screen-less option as well as one that keeps your herbs cooler. We stand by our products and promise a full refund if you don’t think the quality surpasses the knock-off copies available now.

We ship within the USA and Canada. For the US, a Flat rate shipping of $4.95 for all orders via First Class Mail. Add $4.00 for Priority Mail. We no longer ship to Canada.

The more you buy, the more you save on shipping! It is the same $4.95 whether you buy 1 item or 4 items within the US!

*Must be 18 or over to order. Our products are only intended for use with legal herbs*

***Please be aware that there are a lot of cheap imitations out there now. We are the original creators of the Sneak A Toke. If you compare our Sneak A Toke with theirs you will clearly see the superior craftsmanship of ours. Our pipes feel like quality products, with the metal threads on the outside and fitting perfectly. Our screens are specially made for our pipes out of heavy duty brass. They fit straight down with no awkward edges to bend as they will. They can even be cleaned, though we also carry replacement screens.***

      • “Thanks so much for the dugout. It’s everything that was described and I couldn’t be happier. My friends are very jealous and will be ordering from you soon.” Drew-Feb. 2016