Brass Sneak A Toke Pipe with Wood Mouthpiece

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If you are sensitive to aluminum, then the Brass Sneak A Toke smoking pipe is perfect for you. The same high quality standards as all our Stealth smoking pipes. Comes with wood mouthpiece but also available with a removable rubber mouthpiece. Flat rate shipping $4.95.

The SAT brass screens are much stronger than other screens and fit perfectly in pipe.

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The Brass Sneak A Toke pipe with wood mouthpiece comes with a turned oak wood or rubber mouthpiece. This beautiful brass pipe has been popular since 1982 with the oak mouthpiece. It was the 2nd Sneak A Toke model to be released. The Take A Smoke team added the option of a rubber mouthpiece in December 2017. Not only can you get the Brass pipeĀ  with the oak mouthpiece but now you can also get it with a removable rubber mouthpiece. Your choice.

Extremely compact in size. The Brass Sneak A Toke Pipe automatically self-extinguishes if hastily dropped into a pocket or purse and helps conserve your tobacco or herbs. The pipe has a surprisingly large capacity. Completely self contained. Conserves what you are smoking as no smoke escapes from the pipe and it self extinguishes.

If you prefer an aluminum pipe in different colors with a rubber mouthpiece, go here: Original Sneak A Toke.

This pipe also comes in aluminum with color choices: Sneak A Toke Pipe Wood Mouthpiece.

Order Model SAT Brass Screens for this pipe. They are cut to fit perfectly into the Brass Pipe and are much more durable than normal screens.

Brass Pipe includes:

A Brass Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipe, with a permanently attached turned oak mouthpiece. As well as 2 custom sized heavy duty brass screens. All you need to smoke your favorite herb.

Brass Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipe Since 1976

You may also be interested in our Screenless Sneak A Toke pipe. No screen required with this pipe.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions2.38 × .75 in

Sneak A Toke


Take A Smoke

8 reviews for Brass Sneak A Toke Pipe with Wood Mouthpiece

  1. Anonymous

    This works, yet, I like all metal best

  2. David

    Best I’ve ever seen.

  3. George Van Tassel

    I like the device, my only complaint is the company must have poor quality control. The wood fell off the brass within 2 days. Not sure weather to risk another.

    • Lise Tyrrell

      This is the first time that we’ve heard of this happening as we pride ourselves on the quality of our pipes. Please be aware that this one must have slipped through our strict quality control procedures. Please contact us for a free replacement. We back our products 100% and are very sorry this happened to you!

  4. lonnie

    It has a heft, precision and beauty of being handcrafted by someone who cares what they are doing. The brass part is heavier than my vintage aluminum Sneak-A-Toke and I’m not so sure it resins as quickly as the former. It’s a keeper and a keepsake.

  5. Tim

    Ingenious designed, simple to use.

  6. Tharnk

    These used to have a protective coating to prevent oxidation of the brass. I am very worried about ingesting / heating such a coating and could not use them. I even complained about it to Ted (several years ago).
    They now come UN-COATED ! !
    Thanks, Ted.

  7. Brooke

    Ordered this for my boyfriend for Christmas. Great quality and amazing customer support. We lost the cap and takeasmoke replaced it for free just because it was christmas. He loves the pipe and plans on ordering more for friends and family. Thanks takeasmoke for being such an awesome company!

  8. Brian

    Really, really nice piece. It fits right in that little watch pocket in your jeans and is there when you need it! Great for hiking and concerts. Love this pipe!

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