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NEW! High Efficiency Smoking Pipe with removable cartridge. More efficient, burns your smoke evenly and more fully and is much smoother going down. Easy clean with removable cartridge. Comes with 1 extra dry herb cartridge. Not available anywhere else! Invented by our founder for your smoking enjoyment!

HESP brass screens especially made to fit our cartridges.


The NEW High Efficiency Smoking Pipe, with a removable cartridge, is our latest innovative design. Best of all, this Sneak A Toke pipe burns herbs much more fully and evenly than all other Sneak A Toke pipes. Because of the large hole in the front your smoke burns much better. As well, it lets in more air with the flame and DRAMATICALLY minimizes coughing! It has a self carburetor effect.

The refillable cartridge slips into the pipe easily. The cartridge insert can be filled with your favorite dry herb and then slip it into the pipe. Just screw the cap back on to the pipe and you’re good to go. Have extra cartridges on hand to fill with different herbs. You can easily change the cartridge insert for a different herb without losing any of your

What’s included with your High Efficiency Smoking Pipe and how to use it

The High Efficiency Smoking Pipe comes with an insert already in place. Just unscrew the cap and fill with the herb of your choice. When you order the cartridge smoking pipe you will receive an extra cartridge with 2 silicone caps on it as well. The caps slip on and off easily and are a great way to keep the herbs secure in the cartridge so you can easily and safely take it with you. For the first time in Sneak A Toke history, you can have different herbs available that can easily be be smoked from the same pipe using different cartridges. Just unscrew the cap, slide out the cartridge and slide in a different one.

The pipe is made in the USA of aluminum with a matte black finish. The mouthpiece is made of food grade silicone rubber.

High Efficiency Smoking Pipe

High Efficiency Smoking Pipe with 2 cartridges

Pipe image described

The cartridge with the silicone end caps removed is on the left in the above image. The caps are placed on each end to store your smoke and block odors from escaping.

The assembled High Efficiency Smoking Pipe is on the right of the above image. The cartridge sits inside the pipe and easily slips in and out for your smoking pleasure. Just hold a lighter up to the end and enjoy!

In conclusion

Reviews are coming in and they’re all good. Our latest Sneak A toke pipe is a game changer. The pipe is also the only one of it’s kind with cartridges.

Additional dry herb cartridges are available as well as brass screens for the cartridges. See our Facebook posts.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × .75 in

Sneak A Toke


Take A Smoke

11 reviews for High Efficiency Smoking Pipe

  1. Rebecca

    This is a great product, love the versatility of the extra take-a-long cartridges, this is much improved from the original sneak.

  2. Anonymous

    Great product. Super fast shipping. Thanks!

  3. Karel

    I love how easy it is to clean. An essential smoking accessory.

  4. Jason Martin

    I am going to go ahead and make this purchase, the regular sneak a toke although being a great idea just does not work for me. they get all the gunked up and they don’t burn very well I need something like this device that does not waste the money I spend on the flower. I look forward to reading my after purchase review

  5. April

    Love it. No more wasted flower.

  6. robert

    Great Device

  7. Gregory

    Love it easy to clean in no time

  8. robert eaton

    I have been dealing with you guys for years now and it’s always top class products and service. This new high efficiency pipe is a great item. My hat is tipped to the team that came up with this fantastic pipe. Keep up the good work.

    • A member of the Take A Smoke Team

      Thank you so much! You’re tipping your hat to the founder of Take A Smoke. It’s his desire for the perfect Sneak A Toke that made him develop the High Efficiency Pipe, our best pipe so far.

  9. Tiffany

    Customer service was amazing! I had an issue (user error) and the folks at sneak a toke where incredibly helpful. I received the high efficiency pipe and I could not be more pleased. It smokes very smooth and conserves my herb like a champ. I love the extra dry herb holder. You can clean one and still use the pipe. I can not say enough about the wonderful experience I have had. I will definitely be back. Thank you so much!!!

    • Take A Smoke Team

      Tiffany, thank you so much. We do really try and it’s nice to hear that we’re succeeding! Glad you’re enjoying the pipe.

  10. Michael Angeloni Jr

    Love the design but the chamber falls out too easily. Need to be magnetized somehow so it stays put yet it’s way to remove

  11. rick

    A+ on this one! It is exactly what we needed in this type of pipe. All I need now is a little “ammo” pouch (the closest product resembling what’s needed) to hold a couple of these and a few cartridges.

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