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The Original Sneak A Toke is the first design in our series of Sneak A toke pipes. It is one of our stealth smoking pipes. Fits in a pocket, self extinguishes, and no smoke escapes. Very discreet. Don’t forget to order SAT screens with your pipe so you have back up. Just check these options below. Our screens are heavy duty and fit well into the pipe. Flat rate shipping $4.95.


The SAT brass screens are much stronger than other screens and fit perfectly in pipe.

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The Original Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipe

This is the original Sneak A Toke smoking pipe. Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitations out there, they don’t have the quality of our pipes. The bowl is smooth with no interior threads, which makes  for easy cleaning. The rubber mouth piece is in a hexagon shape so that the pipe won’t roll. It is self extinguishing and as always, made in the USA. The pipe comes in 6 different colors.

The Original Sneak A Toke smoking pipe is extremely compact in size. The pipe automatically Self-Extinguishes when dropped into a pocket or purse, which helps conserve your tobacco. Surprisingly large capacity bowl. Completely Self Contained. Conserves your herb as no smoke escapes from the pipe as well as it being self extinguishing.

Make sure you order more SAT Model Brass Screens when you order your pipe. The brass screens are cut to fit the dimensions of the Original Sneak A Toke pipe and are really heavy duty. We also carry Replacement Rubber Mouthpieces if yours gets stolen or you spill gravy on it.

Thinking of getting more than one of these pipes? Get a discount if you buy 3. Head over here for that deal: Original Sneak A Toke Bundle.

Original Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipe specifications:

Includes: Pipe, Exclusive Hexagon-Ring “Stop-Roll” Rubber Mouthpiece and 2 heavy duty brass screens.

Materials: Solid aluminum, milled in the USA, and anodized to add the final color. Molded rubber mouth piece and 2 of our heavy duty brass screens made by us to fit this pipe.

Dimensions: 2 3/8″ long X 3/4″ wide. Bowl Approx. 15/16″ in deep X 3/4″ inside diameter.

Proudly  Sneak A Toke Pipes  Since 1976

Please Note: Product is for tobacco use only. NOT intended for illegal use. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions2.38 × .75 in
Choose color

Black, Blue, Purple, Green, Silver, Gray


Sneak A Toke


Take A Smoke

13 reviews for Original Sneak A Toke

  1. Gary

    Excellent pipes !! Fantastic service and fast delivery!!

  2. Gary

    Highly recommended !!!
    Great product !! Excellent service and fast shipping . Fantastic !!

  3. Rebecca C.

  4. Arthur D.

  5. Bill

    I’ve been using these pipes for many years,and I’ve tried them all. Ya just can’t beat
    Quality and great service.
    Thanks again Guys

  6. Jason S.

  7. devildogdoc

    Better than advertised. Workmanship is clean, and smooth. a joy to use..

  8. Eric

    Such an improvement over the Chinese copies. Doesn’t roll around, extinguishes quick, stays clean, came w a few screens and an extra mouthpiece too. Impressive customer service to say the least. Now I’ll get a brass one to match my protopipe. I used to setup/run okuma lathes, haas mills and appreciate the attention to detail. Thank you for still making quality American-made products and offering them at a fair price.

  9. twosportsters

    Best pipe ever made !

  10. Ryan m

    This is a great little pipe but I still find myself needing screens. I will say for any screenless pipe it does pretty darn good but definitely buy screens still.

    • ted

      So sorry that you are having an issue with our product. I will send a half dozen screens out today to the Middlebury address.
      Just to clarify it looks like you entered your comment under the standard Sneak A Toke instead of the screenless model section
      although I see you actually did purchase a screenless model. Thank you for buying our item.

  11. The Troll

    I prefer the original design personally but I highly recommend this item. Glad to see you also offer less visible colors because nothing stands out like brilliant neon with the chrome barber shop striping. Have had one since 1970s.

  12. Chanse

    These are the best I have used! I have used bullet/torpedo pipes for years. I usually buy the ones you find in the smoke shops, but these are far superior! The threading is on the outside of the pipe, not on the inside of the bowl where the residue can clog it up and make it impossible to screw the lid back on. They hold more content and the mouth piece is made of hi-quality rubber that last a long long time. The brass screens that it comes with are much more heavy duty than what you find in smoke shops as well. I will never buy a bullet pipe from anywhere else… EVER!

  13. Art Arfons

    Great item! Inventor an official genius.

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