Original Sneak A Toke Rubber Mouthpiece


The Disposable Sneak A Toke pipe deal is 6 pipes for $30 or 12 for $50. That’s almost 40% off when you buy 6 and almost 50% off when you buy 12! The top and bottom colors won’t match and there may be slight scratches or dents. What a deal!

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Original Sneak A Toke Rubber Mouthpiece

The Disposable Sneak A Toke pipe offered at a great discount. It comes in discounted bundles of 6 or 12. The pipe Original Sneak A Toke pipe that sells for $8.00.

Somehow we end up with lots of mismatched colored pieces on this pipe. Gremlins must come in the night or something! We always try to send out perfect pipes so if one of the parts has a scratch or slight dent, it ends up in our mismatched box.

About Original Sneak A Toke Rubber Mouthpiece

  • In other words, that box is full! Our fearless leader, Ted, came up with a great idea. Put the mismatched, slightly marred pieces together to form a pipe.
  • And so offer them as disposable for almost 40-50% off. In other words, the not-perfect Disposable Sneak A Toke was built. Our leader sure is a genius!
  • The Disposable Sneak A Toke pipe comes in bundles of 6 for $30, as well as bundles of 12 for $50.
  • Customers often send emails saying one of their parents, or they themselves, have pipes from us that has lasted 20 years! These mouthpieces can’t be used on the pipes with wooden mouthpieces.
  • Furthermore, the mouthpiece fits many of our pipes, giving you lots of choices. Our latest pipe was the Screenless Stealth Pipe, but in 2019 we added the High-Efficiency Smoking Pipe.
  • The rubber mouthpiece can be used in all our Sneak A Toke pipes.

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