Rubber Mouthpiece


Our Food Grade Silicone Rubber mouthpieces are made exclusively for our genuine Sneak A Toke pipes. They may or may not fit the cheap foreign knockoffs that are out there.

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Rubber Mouthpiece

The rubber mouthpiece  Take A Smoke’s “exclusive” design. The mouthpiece   used exclusively for the Sneak A Toke pipes that have them. Smokers Can use the piece to replace the removable rubber one on the Sneak A Toke smoking pipes.

Furthermore, you will enjoy our exclusive hexagon “stop-roll” design that keeps it from rolling. As well, the piece  made of high-grade rubber. You can easily replace the mouthpiece so that your Sneak A Toke pipe using will last a lifetime. They may not work with other brands of Sneak A Toke pipes.

Customers often send emails saying one of their parents, or they themselves,Have pipes from us that has lasted 20 years! These mouthpieces can’t be used on the pipes with wooden mouthpieces.

Furthermore, the mouthpiece fits many of our pipes, giving you lots of choices. Our latest pipe Screenless Stealth Pipe, but in 2019 we added the High-Efficiency Smoking Pipe.

The rubber mouthpiece used in all our Sneak A Toke pipes.

About Rubber Mouthpiece

  • Hexagon-shaped rubber mouthpieces that prevent pipes from rolling.
  • Replacing mouthpieces can ensure your Sneak A Toke will last a lifetime!
  • High grade, FDA-approved molded silicone rubber.
  • Made in the USA!

Details of the Extra Rubber Mouthpieces

Includes: Additional mouthpieces available in sets of 5 or 10.

Materials: FDA-approved silicone rubber.

Since 1976

Please Note: This product  for legal smoking substances only. It is NOT intended for illegal use. You must be 21 years old to purchase our pipes.

Shipping Info:

Return Policy Every purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Have a problem? Send us an email and we will resolve your issue within 12-24 hours.

We will provide tracking information after production.

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Choose an option, 3 Mouthpieces, 5 Mouthpieces, 10 Mouthpieces


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