Screenless Stealth Pipe


Screenless Stealth pipe is the latest in our series of Sneak A Toke pipes. Never have to bother with metal screens, this one is built in! Same great smokeless, stealth smoking pipe. The same standards as our other Sneak A Toke pipes. Self Extinguishes. Flat rate shipping $4.95.

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Screenless Stealth Pipe

The Screenless Stealth pipe is a unique addition to our Sneak A Toke collection. The smoking pipe is based on the original Sneak A Toke pipe, but with the convenience of having a built-in screen. The screen never needs to be replaced.

The bowl is smooth with no interior threads, which makes for easy cleaning. The rubber mouthpiece is in a hexagon shape so that the pipe won’t roll. As with all our Sneak A toke Pipes, it is self-extinguishing and very discreet. You also get to choose from the pipe in 6 different colors.

About Screenless Stealth Pipe

The Screenless Sneak A Toke pipe is extremely compact in size like the Original Sneak A Toke pipe. It automatically self-extinguishes when dropped into a pocket or purse, which helps to conserve your tobacco or herb.

The pipe has a surprisingly large capacity bowl. Completely self-contained. No smoke escapes from the pipe, which in turn helps conserve your smoke and makes it a great choice for your next smoking pipe. Click here if you need to know How to use the Sneak A Toke smoking pipes.

Screenless Stealth Pipe Specifications:

Includes Pipe, Exclusive Hexagon-Ring “Stop-Roll” rubber mouthpiece, and built-in screen. Materials: Solid aluminum screenless stealth pipe, milled in the USA, and anodized to add the final color. A molded rubber mouthpiece. Dimensions: Pipe is 2 3/8″ long X 3/4″ wide. Bowl Approx. 15/16″ in deep X 3/4″ inside diameter.

We sell replacement mouthpieces for our Screenless Stealth Pipe. They can be found here: Rubber Mouthpiece. The pipe won’t wear out but the rubber mouthpiece will eventually. Our newest pipe is the High-Efficiency Smoking Pipe with a removable cartridge.

Click the link to check it out. You can check out our Facebook page. We rarely have sales, but if you’re not signed up for our Newsletter you can find them on our Facebook page. The Stealth pipe is part of our Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipes line. For the Best Gift Ideas. Here you’ll find some reasons to get one of our Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipes.

Screenless Sneak A Toke

  • Based on the original Sneak A Toke but with a built-in screen.
  • No need to ever replace a gunky, messy screen or purchase another screen for this pipe.
  • A Hexagon-shaped mouthpiece prevents the pipe from rolling.
  • Smooth bowl with no interior threads for easy cleaning.
  • Comes in 6 different colors.
  • Replacement rubber mouthpieces are available for purchase.
  • Made in the USA!

Details of the Screenless Sneak A Toke

Includes: Pipe with hexagonal “stop-roll” mouthpiece and built-in screen. Materials: Solid aluminum pipe, anodized to add final color, with FDA-approved silicone rubber mouthpiece. Dimensions: 2 3/8″ long x 3/4″ diameter. Bowl is approximately 5/8″ deep. Screenless Stealth Pipe Since 1976 Please Note: This product is for legal smoking substances only. It is NOT intended for illegal use. You must be 21 years old to purchase our pipes.


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