Sneak A Toke Pipe Wood Mouthpiece

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The Sneak A Toke Wood Mouthpiece is the same as our Original Sneak A toke smoking pipe except with a Wood Mouthpiece. Fits in a pocket, self extinguishes, and no smoke escapes. Wood Mouthpieces are glued on and not interchangeable with rubber mouthpieces.


The SAT brass screens are much stronger than other screens and fit perfectly in pipe.


Sneak A Toke Pipe Wood Mouthpiece

The Sneak A Toke Pipe Wood Mouthpiece is just like our Original Sneak A Toke stealth smoking system. But instead the pipe has an Oak Mouthpiece permanently attached instead of a rubber mouthpiece. The bowl is smooth with no interior threads for easy cleaning. The pipe is self extinguishing and as always, made in the USA. The Sneak A Toke Pipe comes in 6 different colors.

Benefits of Sneak A Toke Pipes

The smoking pipe is extremely compact. Automatically Self-Extinguishes when dropped into a pocket or purse and helps conserve your tobacco. Surprisingly large capacity bowl. Completely Self Contained. Conserves-No smoke escapes from the pipe.

This pipe also comes in brass, you can see the pipe here: Brass Sneak A Toke Pipe with Wood Mouthpiece.

We carry replacement special heavy duty screens that fit perfectly into the Sneak A Toke Pipe Wood Mouthpiece. You can order them here brass pipe screens Model SAT.

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How the Sneak A Toke pipes began (as told by the original inventor/manufacturer of the pipes)

The year was 1976. Our nation’s Bicentennial. Nixon was gone, Carter was the president. Carter actually talked of decriminalizing cannabis but there was too much sentiment against at that point so it was quickly dropped. So pot was still very illegal but it would be 5-6 years before the first “Drug Paraphernalia” laws came about.

I had a friend named Herbie who grew up on a small farm in the Midwest and was one of those guys that was good with engines and motors. But he couldn’t roll a joint. Herbie came up with a drilled and sawed tool that was common in auto air conditioning service with a chamber and a screw on cap. Squeezed a distributor cap nipple over the end and put a screen at each end.

And on the history goes…

The pipe, later called the Sneak A Toke, was small enough to conceal in your palm if necessary and it put itself out after each hit so you could drop it in a pocket or purse without fear. I said “Herbie, we could sell these things!”. He said “Go ahead”. So I scraped together an couple of hundred dollars and bought 64 of the a/c tools. We sawed and drilled them, had a hell of a time getting not-easy-to-stretch PVC rubber around the back end, as this was before the back end was reduced in diameter so that you wouldn’t have to stretch the rubber mouthpiece to get it on.

Anyway, they were a hit at $5 apiece and I decided that having 1,000 pieces made somehow was what I needed to do. And that’s the beginning of the Sneak A Toke pipes. Below is one of the early models, you can see we’ve come a long way!

The history behind the famous sneak-a-toke smoking pipes, dating back to 1970

Details of the Sneak A Toke Pipe

Includes: Pipe and 2 heavy duty brass screens designed to fit this pipe.

Materials: Solid aluminum, milled in the USA, and anodized to add the final color. Oak Mouthpiece and heavy duty brass screens.

Dimensions: 2 3/8″ long X 3/4″ wide. Bowl Approx. 15/16″ in deep X 3/4″ inside diameter.

This pipe is part of our Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipes line.

Sneak A Toke Pipe Wood Mouthpiece made in the USA    Since 1976

Please Note: Product is for tobacco use only. NOT intended for illegal use. Must be 18 years old to purchase our pipes.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2.38 × .75 in

Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Purple, Silver


Sneak A Toke


Take A Smoke

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  1. Anonymous

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    Perfect for those who prefer not to use Bluntvilles!

  3. Mario

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  4. Kendra D.

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    Excellent company, very fast shipment. Got exactly what I wanted. Will definitely shop here again!

  5. Jeff

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  6. Richard

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  7. Brian

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  8. Craig

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  9. Bob

    The best pipe to use . I have been using for ten years they work Great. I have cleaned it under very hot water & glue held up great. great job & I’ll be ordering more in future. agin Great Job.


  10. Bam

    Slightly longer than the original black tip, not a big deal. It’s a nice difference.

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