History Of The Genuine Sneak A Toke

In 1976 I had a friend named Herbie. Herbie was a guy born and raised on a farm in a small town in Indiana. He was one of those guys that could figure out and fix any problem with any engine. But he couldn’t roll a joint. So one day he took a metal tool that was used in automotive air conditioning system repair, cut it, drilled it, pushed a couple of screens in and forced a rubber distributor cap nipple (before electronic ignition) on one end.

One of 64 original prototypes is pictured on the right.

He showed it to me and we filled it with some cleaned-up seedy, Steamy smoking material, most likely from Mexico. That was all that was available to us poor folks back then. It smoked like a monster! And it put itself out after each hit so you could drop it into your pocket immediately. And it held at least a dozen hits. I said, “Herbie, we can sell these!”. And he said, “Go ahead”. So I did. And that’s how Sneak A Toke came to be. Still, thinking about the travel tobacco pipe and how to carry it, just forget and know what is a toke? Get a toke from us, get the best smoking experience in travel.

Why Very Few People Connect Our Name 'Sneak A Toke' To Our Products

Take A Smoke historical pipe

As stated we began selling our Original Sneak A Toke back in 1976. In the early '80's federal and local laws were passed prohibiting sales of "any item intended for use with illegal substances". That is why, for many years, 'head shops' became 'smoke shops' or 'tobacco stores' and any request for an item such as a h*sh pipe or a b*ng and you would be made to leave the store because you had broken the law by asking for an item intended for illegal use, putting yourself and the store in legal jeopardy.

Unfortunately but at the same time fortunately, we never trademarked our name Sneak A Toke. Nor could we have afforded to apply for a US patent during our first year of sales which is the limit of your eligibility to apply for a US patent.

When ours and all similar products fell into this dilemma we decided to change our name from Sneak A Toke to
Take A Smoke. Pictured is on the left (circa 1983) is how we repackaged and rebranded our item. This is also what our production SAT's looked like and what the current bunch of cheap, imported copies still look like today.

Since it wasn't safe to own the name Sneak A Toke, other 'stealth pipes' began to use the name. Today our Original Sneak A Toke is most commonly called a 'bullet pipe', a 'zeppelin pipe', a 'concert pipe' or many other misnomers. Still, thinking about the travel tobacco pipe and how to carry it, just forget and know what is a toke? Buy now.