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About Sneak A Tokes – smoking pipes


Best Travel Pipe

We are always innovating and improving on our existing pipes, as well as introducing entirely new versions
that will enhance your stealthy smoking experience. As well as looking great the pipe rocks when smoking, with a sturdy base that stays dry and remains within the bowl, making this the best travel pipe.

Sneak A Tokes - Smoking pipes

The Original Sneak A Toke

If you want to smoke discreetly, the Original Sneak A Toke is the best choice out there. The self-extinguishing Original Sneak A Toke is made from solid aluminum and manufactured in the USA. Its hexagon-shaped mouthpiece prevents it from rolling around, and it has no threads inside the bowl, making it easy to clean.

Don’t be fooled by the copycats and imitators! There is only ONE Original Sneak A Toke and you can purchase it here.

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Sneak A Toke Pipes

The Original Sneak A Toke smokeless pipes are superior to all of their knockoffs. We were the first, and our pipes have been made exclusively in the USA since 1976. Over the years, we have made several improvements to our legendary product. For instance, the threads were originally on the inside of the bowl, where they would become caked with resin. We changed that!

Now, the threads are on the exterior of the pipe, which makes the pipe much easier to use and clean. With a hexagon-shaped mouthpiece that prevents the pipe from rolling around, heavy-duty brass screens that are custom-sized to fit each Sneak A Toke perfectly and larger holes that are less likely to become clogged. We’ve perfected our Original Sneak A Toke for your discreet smoking pleasure. You can consider it as the best discreet smoking system or best travel pipe. Read our About Us page for more of our history.

High Efficiency Sneak a Toke pipe
High Efficiency Sneak a Toke smoking pipe
Our New High Efficiency Sneak A Toke

Our latest innovative design is the NEW High-Efficiency Smoking Pipe. The larger hole in the front of the pipe ensures that herbs within the removable cartridge burn evenly, while also letting in more air with the lighter’s flame to dramatically minimize coughing.

The High-Efficiency pipe also has a self-carburetor effect. How to smoke our High Efficiency Sneak a Toke pipe.

The Best and Most Compact Stealth Smoking System

As the manufacturer of the smell-proof Original Sneak A Toke, we’ve created a product with unmatched quality at an affordable price. We will go to great lengths to make sure you’re satisfied, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions or comments.

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