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About Sneak A Toke pipes

ORIGINAL sneak a toke glass

 Sneak A Toke smokeless pipes are superior to all the copies. We were the first, made exclusively in the USA since 1976. Over the years we have paid
attention to where improvements needed to be made. 
 The very first Sneak A Tokes had the screw threads on the inside of the bowl. It didn’t take long for those threads to become caked with gunky resin making it impossible to screw the cap on. We re-engineered it so that the threads are now on the outside. 
 Our original FDA Food Grade silicone rubber mouthpieces were round causing them to roll off of a non-level surface so we improved to a hexagon shape. Replacement mouthpieces are available.
 Our screens are heavy-duty solid brass wire and are custom sized to fit each
Sneak A Toke perfectly. They are designed with larger holes to last much longer before clogging. Replacement screens are also available. 

Best And Most Compact Stealth Smoking System

We are the manufacturer of the Original smell proof Sneak A Toke.
Always about unmatched quality at a very affordable price.
We go to great lengths to assure that you are completely satisfied.


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