Dry Herb Cartridges


The Dry Herb Cartridges fit into our innovative High-Efficiency Smoking Pipe. The cartridges have a metal screen at one end and are open on the other end to be filled with your favorite smoke. They will only work with the Sneak A Toke High-Efficiency Smoking Pipe. They have silicone caps for storage.

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Dry Herb Cartridges

NEW! Dry Herb Cartridges  made to fit smoothly into the NEW High-Efficiency Smoking Pipes. The high-efficiency pipe comes with 2 Cartridges but you can get extras so that you can easily change out your pipe with a cartridge filled with a different herb or more of the same.

The Dry Herb Cartridges come with 2 silicone caps that slip on and off. They help prevent any smells from escaping from the cartridge. One end has a built-in screen, this side fits into the mouthpiece end of the pipe.

The other end open to fill with your favorite smoke. Smokers can fill the cartridge while it’s outside the pipe or while it’s sitting inside the pipe. We find filling it outside the pipe easier.

Dry Herb Cartridges below

Today, vaping dry herbs is not limited to just a handful of products with product-specific components. Anyone interested in vaping dry herbs can easily acquire what they need — an appropriate dry herb atomizer and a vape battery.

Most dry herb atomizers utilize a standard 510 thread allowing them to be compatible with large amounts of vape batteries. It is important to establish what thread type your vape battery uses to avoid buying an atomizer that doesn’t fit which is a plain hassle.

In addition to threads you may want to consider things like coil material type and carrying capacity. For folks with convection-based vaporizers finding an atomizer that is convection compatible is something to consider as well. In general though, a lot of the features mentioned above are personal preference.


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