Brass Screens

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The heavy duty Brass Screens from Take A Smoke are cut to fit our pipes perfectly. Make sure you get the right screen for your pipe, see below under Description. Flat rate shipping $4.95.

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Brass Screens

We offer Brass Screens for many of our pipes. They are much stronger than other screens and fit perfectly on our Sneak A Toke pipe line. Just push the screen down with your finger or a pencil eraser and it usually sets right away. Choose which screen and the quantity when you order.

The screens are available in 5 different sizes that fit the different pipes below:

The SAT Brass Screens fits the Original Sneak A Toke pipe, the Brass Sneak A Toke pipe, and the Polished Sneak A Toke.
The SATC fits our Cooler Sneak A Toke pipe, Keyring Smoking Pipe and our Wood Pocket Pipe.
The BAT fits the Cigarette Bat pipe and the Rosewood Brass Bat pipe.
The ZEP screen we offer isn’t quite as thick as the other three, which makes it more bendable. It is for our Zeppelin Pipe.
The HESP screen is for our High Efficiency Smoking Pipe and Dry Herb Cartridges.

Please select the quantity, 25 or 50, of screens you want and make sure you’ve selected the right size for your pipe. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

*Please note that we do not have brass screens for all the pipes we carry, only those listed above.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions.5 × .1 in

25, 50


BAT Screen, SAT Screen, SATC Screen, SOAP Screen, ZEP Screen, HESP Screen


Sneak A Toke


Take A Smoke

9 reviews for Brass Screens

  1. Anonymous

  2. Anonymous

    the best

  3. Anonymous

    great screens

  4. Michael

  5. Ann

    Your screens are good quality and actually fit. Thanks!

  6. Alexandria

    I didn’t know they were flat, I thought they were shaped like a basket. But I discovered an old mascara brush was a perfect fit and pressed it in evenly. So it’s all good! Thanks again!! I’ve been telling everyone about this site!

    • Lise Tyrrell

      Sounds like you found a good solution! And thanks for the kind words.

  7. Brian

  8. John Convry 111

  9. Davey

    Ok so these screens are the thickest strongest screens you’ve ever seen. 10 x thicker wire gauge used. One screen should last a long time, this bundle will last you forever. They are a perfect standard size for all pipes I own. Defiantly worth it.

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