Brass Sneak A Toke Pipe with Wood Mouthpiece


If you are sensitive to aluminum, then the Brass Sneak A Toke smoking pipe is perfect for you. Wood Mouthpieces are glued on and not interchangeable with rubber mouthpieces.

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Brass Sneak A Toke Pipe with Wood Mouthpiece

The Brass Sneak A Toke pipe with wood mouthpiece comes with a turned oak wood mouthpiece that is glued on. This beautiful brass pipe has been popular since 1982 with the oak mouthpiece. It was the 2nd Sneak A Toke model to be released.

The Take A Smoke team added the option of a rubber mouthpiece in December 2017. Not only can you get the Brass pipe with the oak mouthpiece but now you can also get it with a removable rubber mouthpiece. Your choice.

About Brass Sneak A Toke Pipe

  • Extremely compact in size. The Brass Sneak A Toke Pipe automatically self-extinguishes if hastily dropped into a pocket or purse and helps conserve your tobacco or herbs. The pipe has a surprisingly large capacity. Completely self-contained. Conserves what you are smoking as no smoke escapes from the pipe and it self extinguishes.
  • Best of all, the Dry Herb Cartridges fit inside this pipe. This makes for easy cleaning and also gives you the option of switching out your herbs. Order below.
  • If you are going to use this pipe with the Dry Herb cartridge, then it is not recommended that you buy the SAT screens that fit directly in the pipe. Once the pipe is used without the cartridge the bowl will become too gunky to slide the cartridge in and out.
  • If you prefer an aluminum pipe in different colors with a rubber mouthpiece, go here: Original Sneak A Toke.
  • This pipe also comes in aluminum with a wood mouthpiece and color choices: Sneak A Toke Pipe Wood Mouthpiece.
  • Order Model SAT Brass Screens for this pipe. They are cut to fit perfectly into the Brass Pipe and are much more durable than normal screens.
  • Click here if you need to know How to use the Sneak A Toke smoking pipes.

Brass Pipe includes:

A Brass Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipe, with a permanently attached turned oak mouthpiece. As well as 2 custom-sized heavy-duty brass screens. All you need to smoke is your favorite herb.

Since 1976

You may also be interested in our Screenless Sneak A Toke pipe. No screen is required with this pipe.

The Brass pipe is part of our Sneak A Toke Smoking Pipes line.

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