Original Sneak A Toke Colored Mouthpiece NEW!


The Colored rubber mouthpieces will not work on the pipe with a wood mouthpiece, only on the models that use rubber mouthpieces.

Cartridges fit inside this pipe making cleaning and switching herbs much easier.

IMPORTANT! If buying a dry herb cartridge to use inside this pipe then please choose the Screens For Dry Herb Cartridges below instead.

These heavy-duty brass screens are made especially for the Dry Herb Cartridges.


NEW! The Original Sneak A Toke Colored mouthpiece is the latest product of Take A Smoke. Instead of our regular black rubber mouthpieces we are happy to introduce these colored rubber mouthpieces. They are available in colors to match our pipes.

Original sneak a toke with colored mouthpiece

It’s the same SAT pipe we have been selling for years, but with a snazzy new look. It has all the same qualities: self-extinguishing, stealth smoking pipe. The Original Sneak A Toke Colored Mouthpiece also has a hexagon-shaped rubber mouthpiece, which  prevents the pipe from rolling. As well as a smooth bowl with no interior threads for easy cleaning. Best of all, it will accept our innovative Dry Herb Cartridge for easy cleaning and refilling.

This Original Sneak A Toke Colored Mouthpiece is built to last a lifetime. Replacement parts like heavy duty brass screens, mouthpieces, and dry herb cartridges means any part that wear out can be replaced. You can add those items at checkout.

Be the first in your crowd to sport the colorful pipe with matching rubber mouthpiece. Order our new pipe now!

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