Brass Sneak a Toke with Cartridges



The Brass Sneak a Toke with Cartridges is our way of introducing you to the joys of using cartridges in these pipes. We invented the High Efficiency pipe for our removable cartridges. But some of you may not know that they work in the Brass Sneak A Toke smoking pipe as well. The cartridges keep your pipe clean and can be swapped out quickly. Enjoy your different favorite smokes easily.

Brass Sneak a Toke with Cartridges bundle includes:

  • Our elegant  Brass and Oak pipe.
  • Three cartridges that are easily exchanged in seconds. One is inside the pipe and 2 extras with silicone rubber caps. Put your favorite smoke in and keep your pipe clean.
  • 24 cartridge screens for the cartridge.

Separately this bundles costs $39, but we’re only charging $35. You save $4 with this bundle!

See our video on how to use a High Efficiency pipe. You might also want to take a look at another of our deals for 3 Brass Sneak A Toke Bundle.


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